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          Picture of Classic Chicken Noodle Soup
          A warm winter go-to soup. Our traditional style chicken noodle soup is exactly what it says, chicken noodle soup made in a chicken bone broth for an extra health kick! Easily customized to Keto, vegan or gluten free. Made with organic and RWA* chicken thighs. *Raised without Antibiotics
          Picture of Butternut Squash Soup
          Another winter favourite to warm you right up! Garlic roasted butternut squash pureed into a delicious thick and creamy soup. Easily customized to Vegan.
          Picture of Spicy Pork Ramen
          Get ready for a kick! Spicy RWA* pork bone and gochujang base soup served with thinly sliced RWA* pork, ramen noodles, a hard boiled egg, green onions and cilantro. *Raised without Antibiotics.
          Picture of Italian Wedding Soup
          Traditional Italian soup made with a chicken stock base, fresh chopped parsley, spinach, mini meatballs and acini de pepe noodles topped with parmesan cheese. Easily customized to keto, vegan and gluten free.
          Picture of Creamy Wild Rice Veggie Soup
          A special twist on your traditional style cream of vegetable soups by adding wild rice, accompanied by baby bella mushrooms, carrots and spinach. Easily customized to Vegan.
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